Mgr Schneider met les choses au point sur le lavement des pieds et leur baisement

Vu sur Rorate cæli (via le Forum catholique) une interview du 1er février de Mgr Schneider dont voici un extrait:

« As concretely to the innovation of washing the feet of women during the Holy Mass of the Last Supper on Holy Thursday: This Holy Mass celebrates the commemoration of the institution of the sacraments of the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Therefore, the foot washing of women along with the men not only distracts from the main focus on Eucharist and on Priesthood, but generates confusion regarding the historical symbolism of the “twelve” and of the apostles being of male sex. The universal tradition of the Church never allowed the foot washing during the Holy Mass, but instead outside of Mass, in a special ceremony.
By the way: the public washing and usually also kissing of the feet of women on the part of a man, in our case, of a priest or a bishop, is considered by every person of common sense in all cultures as being improper and even indecent. Thanks be to God no priest or bishop is obliged to wash publicly the feet of women on Holy Thursday, for there is no binding norm for it, and the foot washing itself is only facultative. »

Donc d'une part, le lavement des pieds du Jeudi Saint ne se fait pas pendant la messe.

D'autre part, tout être humain de bon sens comprend que le lavement des pieds et le baisement des pieds d'une femme par un homme, fût-il prêtre, est indécent.

Le même Mgr Schneider enseigne que le service de l'autel par des petites filles s'oppose à la tradition constante de l'Église.

Encore une fois le Vatican bafoue notre droit à la culture.

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